Videos from ECLM 2011

Today I've finally finished uploading all the videos to the ECLM channel on blip.tv/eclm. There are a lot of very interesting talks and the topics range from Lisp-based companies' experiences to exciting Lisp projects (like quicklisp or zen X server) to community issues (like the announcement of the Stichting Common Lisp Foundation or good Lisp style). Of 7 lengthy talks, announced at the event's website, only 5 are available now:
  • Luke Gorrie's account of his exciting startup Teclo Networks will be published somewhat later not to compromise the business (and it's a great talk, so don't miss it :),
  • and Paul Miller's showcase of LinkExplorer, a Windows LispWorks CAPI-based GUI application was not recorded by the request of his company.
In total, there are 12 videos, including the lightning talks (and the lucky 13th will join later). My personal favourite is Jack Harper's story of building Secure Outcomes, with a lot of invaluable engineering insights.

The sound quality is not stellar, because, unfortunetely, there was a laying of the ground 50Hz signal on the mic's signal at the site. But judging from my experiences in organizing TEDxKyiv, sound is the usual point of failure at conferences, and it's pretty hard to get it right. Yet, I hope, that next meeting will have a more professional recording set up (maybe through CLF), because, in my opinion, these videos are extremely valuable to the community. I really miss some talks from ECLM 2009, like Kuroda Hisao's, Dave McClure's or Dan Weinreib's, and most of all, the Piano.aero one...

For me the overall meeting experience was really fantastic, and the talks actually form only a minor half of that. Immersing myself into the Lisp community and participating in so many profound conversations with brilliant Lisp programmers was the really exciting part. The good overview of the conference experience is given by Luís Oliveira. So I'm really looking forward for the ECLM 2012. Maybe, organize it in a different European city this time?..


Jason Aeschliman said...

I've managed to clean up the audio a bit on Hans's talk if you'd like to hear it.

Jason Aeschliman said...

typo monday, geez where's the edit button.

Vsevolod Dyomkin said...

@Jason sure, can you post it somewhere or send it to vseloved@gmail.com? I'll try to add it to the video and re-upload it. Also, I think that cleaning Zach's talk would be great as well.

Jason Aeschliman said...

I unfortunately couldn't salvage Zach's talk, but i'll continue with the others as I watch them.